With 3512 Expert Visitors, Stanztec Draws a More International Audience

5th Stanztec Offers a World-Class Technology Event!

Once again during the course of its 5th edition, the Stanztec trade fair for stamping technology impressively set the scene with unexpected levels of success for the exhibitors with their know-how-based stand-alone and system solutions for the expert visitors! Gold and jewellery town Pforzheim was once again entirely dominated by high-end stamping technology from the 21st through the 23rd of June, 2016. More than 160 exhibitors (precisely 169 manufacturers and distributors) found their way to the Pforzheim Congress Centre (CCP) early this summer and presented a broad range of innovative products and services from the world of stamping technology to the 3512 expert visitors from 25 countries on 37,500 square feet of exhibition floor space.

Completely Booked Out for the 3rd Time!

Completely booked out for the 3rd time in a row, the local and international expert visitors were presented with a comprehensive spectrum of technologies, processes, products, tooling and production equipment which all have to do with stamping technology in one way or the other. More and more extensive networking of processes is resulting in visibly fluid boundaries, because precision engineered and mechatronic assemblies are now being made from high quality stampings in, for the most part, fully integrated process steps. Functions integration, in particular the integration of functions into stamped components and the assemblies they’re joined into, is resulting in new challenges for design engineers, above all in the field of toolmaking, for which the exhibitors at the 5thStanztec provided and are still providing convincing solutions.

Significant Increase in the Number of Foreign Expert Visitors!

Highly concentrated high-end stamping technology in greater Pforzheim, covering the fabrication of high-performance tooling and mass produced, top quality stampings, as well as peripheral offerings for production equipment, attracts an absolutely world-class expert audience once every two years. Distinctly increasing numbers of foreign expert visitors have been observed in recent years, and this trend continued at the event in 2016 as well. According to an evaluation of the expert visitor profile, there has been a significant increase in the number of expert visitors from Southern, Northern and Eastern Europe at this year’s event (Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Hungary).

Verifiably High Levels of Exhibitor Satisfaction!

One of the reasons for this surely has to do with the stricter quality and product-availability demands of the manufacturers and their main suppliers from all over the world. In order to be able to lastingly fulfil the requirements of these customers, the sub-suppliers are banking to an ever greater extent on technologies and automation, which first of all necessitates high-performance tooling or top quality stamped components and assemblies with integrated functions. The exhibitors expressed themselves accordingly, and unanimously confirmed the excellent quality of the expert visitors and solutions to problems discussed in concrete terms directly at their booths. Some of the exhibitors even called it the best Stanztec ever and, as a consequence, many exhibitors not only see Stanztec as “established”, but rather a large percentage of the companies indicated directly at the event that they would participate again at the 6th Stanztec (19 to 21 June 2018).