Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik
GmbH & Co. KGHall GS - Stand A24

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  • Sheet and semi-finished goods
    • Bent parts, stamped and bent parts
  • Joining and fastening technology
    • Thermal joining technology (resistance, laser and arc welding, soldering, hard soldering)
  • Forming technology
    • Mechanical presses, general
  • Tooling technology
    • Blanking dies, cutting, perforating and embossing tools
  • Handling technology
    • Feeders, general
  • Data technology
    • CAD/CAM/CIM applications, CAD standards
Manufacturing stamped and formed parts more ecologically
Halblech, 13.05.2024 - At this year's Stanztec, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik will be presenting intelligent automation solutions that enable users to produce their stamped and formed parts more ecologically and save valuable resources. The LM 2000 is the latest development in Bihler's ...more