Lasered embossing dies with up to 10 times longer service life
Lasered embossing dies Manufacturing embossing dies with the ultrashort pulse laser instead of die-sinking EDM: High-precision 3D molds made of carbide and PM steels Cold material removal by ultrashort pulse Surface quality Ra 0.1 µm +/- 0.005 mm Tolerances Up ...more

Kolektor Conttek GmbH is a well-known manufacturer of precision stamping and bending parts, pressfit, contact parts, metal-plastic composite parts, assemblies and plastic parts for the automotive and electrical industries. Belonging to an international group offers us the use of many ...more

Let's go for zero
Agosi is part of Umicore, the circular materials technology company. Umicore is committed to using its technological know-how, scientific expertise and corporate outreach to be an industry leader in sustainability. Umicore has pushed industry standards for sustainability with its Let's go ...more

Stamping and Forming - "Years of experience provide Individual solutions"
Our stamping technology ranges from delicate stamped parts of just a few millimeters in length to complex stamped grids. As a capable partner, we offer our customers the production of contacts, lead frames, busbars, and various functional parts. Thanks to our extensive machine park and ...more

Deep-Drawing - Demanding geometries, high degrees of forming and customer orientated solutions
With decades of expertise in deep drawing and a continuous focus on innovation and precision, we develop products that make our customers successful and inspire them technically. Our investments in research and development, as well as state-of-the-art presses and tooling machines, enable ...more

Sustainable business practices at STÜKEN
Sustainable business practices are part of STÜKEN's company strategy. We place great emphasis on the careful use of resources. Our energy and environmental management have been certified for many years, and we are increasingly generating our own energy, e.g. through photovoltaic systems. ...more

Customized Strip Solutions - voestalpine Precision Strip from Austria
The best solutions require innovative approaches to turn them into reality - making voestalpine an ideal partner in the development of customised metal strip solutions. A high level of vertical integration and a variety of applied technologies offer a very high degree of flexibility in ...more

Most economical solutions through different punching and bending technologies
Julius Pfisterer offers a wide range of stamping and bending technologies. Starting with regular progressive tooling, the latest Bihler NC technology up to our own transfer solutions, JPF always has the most economical implementation for your application. This includes: • Fine cutting ...more

IDC-Technology - The solderless connection for contacting enameled wires
Electromotors and solenoids are the most important components in almost all electrical devices. Two of the main requirements are high safety and long life cycles. This requires absolute electrical stability within the current-conducting components. IDC stands for Insulation ...more

Stanztec Fachmesse für Stanztechnik stanztec impr1 31 bea 24
Stanztec 2024: Expert Visitors Experience a Dazzling Array of High-End Technologies
Brillant stamping technologies – that’s what it’s all about at the 7th Stanztec trade fair for stamping technology at the Congress Centre in “gold city” Pforzheim (CCP) from the 25th through the 27th of June, 2024. The exclusive industry highlight covers key topics in the field of stamping ...more

Production line for stamped radiator fins with positioning system for multi-line applications
In the stamping machine of our subsidiary Schaal Technology, complex fins can be precisely formed in a fully automated production process from the belt in a single or up to six-track stamping process. Thanks to the tool technology, their shape is optimised for ideal thermal conductivity. ...more

Hydraulic Chips Compactor 2.0
Compact briquetting of your (precious metal) chips Advantages: • High-quality, hydraulic briquetting system • Fully automatic production of precious metal briquettes • Easy handling and cleaning of the briquetting press • Almost complete elimination of residual ...more

Precise and innovative solutions for precious metals
Sheet, strips and wires We cast wires and strips for the electrical engineering and electronics industry using a continuous casting method. This approach guarantees homogeneous, top quality. Targets and sputtering materials Our portfolio in the field of targets and vapour deposition ...more

Manufacturing stamped and formed parts more ecologically
Halblech, 13.05.2024 - At this year's Stanztec, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik will be presenting intelligent automation solutions that enable users to produce their stamped and formed parts more ecologically and save valuable resources. The LM 2000 is the latest development in Bihler's ...more

TOX FlexPress
With the TOX FlexPress Compact, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK has developed a new standard press, which keeps an eye on the parameters itself. Not only the concept is new, but also the design. In addition to the now dominating color white, touches of green and magenta also uniquely identify the new ...more

Solutions for E-mobility
Unlock precision and power: Discover the latest innovations in stamping, lamination, and E-mobility at CERATIZIT’s booth! • Solutions for E-mobility We provide a wide range of tungsten carbide solutions for E-mobility, including carbide blanks for progressive dies for rotor and ...more

BRUDERER has come up with two new developments with high customer benefits.
The Swiss stamping press manufacturer BRUDERER has come up with two new developments with high customer benefits. The brand-new stamping press models were developed in response to specific customer requests. BSTA 710-220 stamping press „More space for your productivity.“ The new BSTA ...more

Save valuable energy: Smart energy management on the shopfloor
All recorded energy values, directly from the machines or via special IIoT hardware, converge in EMC and can therefore be integrated and accessed in the system. Functions such as the display of energy key figures can be displayed and used at any time on the existing MES terminals on the ...more

Successful implementation of digital manufacturing in the stamping factory
Digitalization increases efficiency, productivity and sustainability: At our booth A14 in the large hall, we will show you how the smart networked information flow works in the digital stamping factory, how you can simplify and optimize your processes and thus significantly increase the ...more


7th Stanztec trade fair June 25 to 27, 2024

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