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A Brilliant Relaunch for Stanztec in 2024!
138 exhibitors and 3750 expert visitors from 27 countries celebrated cutting-edge stamping technologies on 3500 square metres of exhibition floor space at the Congress Centrum in gold city Pforzheim from the 25th through the 27th of June, 2024. Exhibitors at this year’s Stanztec trade fair ...more


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Stanztec 2024 – Trade fair films “Statements & Scenes”
Welcome to the 7th Stanztec, the trade fair for stamping technology, in the golden city of Pforzheim in the heart of a worldwide unique center of stamping and forming technology! Here, trade visitors from all over the world can experience an exclusive networking event for high-end stamping ...more

Stanztec Fachmesse für Stanztechnik Stanztec 2024 presseinfo
Expert meeting at CCP Pforzheim: Huge joy of meeting each other at Stanztec 2024
For the seventh time, the industry is addressing top topics relating to stamping and forming technology as part of the highly specialized Stanztec, a trade fair for stamping technology. This jewel among trade fairs is currently taking place with 138 exhibitors and international trade ...more

Maintenance in the digital value chain
The digitalization of production has long been a much-used term. However, in a country like Germany, it has become indispensable in industry. And yet many companies are still reluctant to take the important step towards smart networked production. At iT Engineering Manufacturing ...more

Stanztec Fachmesse für Stanztechnik Zuspieler WEB Blech Stanztec
Free digital edition of BLECH ‘Stanztec Special’
The free digital edition of BLECH ‘Stanztec Special’ offers you the opportunity to find out about exciting new products and innovations before the trade fair. This comprehensive preview enables you to prepare specifically for this year's Stanztec in Pforzheim and discuss specific topics ...more

Nidec SYS SHP-Press, that's what the green future sounds like
The SHP "Spindle-Hub-Press" developed in-house by Nidec SYS is characterized by a very good Co2 food print. The press is equipped with the latest generation of motors and control cabinet components. A very big advantage of the SHP press is that the energy not used during one stroke is ...more

We present the Inline-Vision-Weld-System
An Inline-Vision-Weld-System is a stand-alone system (including test cell, laser generator, cutting and joining station) which is connected between the stamping machine and the rewinder and which automatically detects and cuts out defective contacts during production and connects the ...more

Kyori-Link-Motion-Presses are known around the world for their high performance, pinpoint precision and ease of operation. The Kyori VX series presses are among the industry’s most powerful link motion presses, and its fine-tuned features can provide your facility with increased ...more

Galvanic 48-hour express service / weekend service
Do you need the finished products particularly quickly? We have the perfect solution for this too: the MC Galvano Express weekend service. As part of this service, we will manufacture your items within 48 hours if technically possible. For example, you deliver on Fridays and can have ...more

Integration of camera monitoring into a punching tool for producing complex stamped parts
For their customer Festo SE & Co. KG in Esslingen, the company Siegfried Beck GmbH, with their partner UnidorTRsystems GmbH, developed a punching tool for the optimized production of complex punching contacts using camera monitoring integrated in the stamping tool. Siegfried Beck GmbH ...more

Highlight of the exhibition: The ‘Million Guide’
The product presentation will focus on the ‘Million Guide’ guide unit. This innovative product offers extremely high precision guide function and repeating accuracy as well as high dynamic load ratings, which ensure maximum mould efficiency. Due to the high stroke speeds that are possible ...more

New AIDA 400 Tons Servo Press
OMAB is a company in constant evolution; we invested in three new blanking lines, including a 400 ton servo-press which allows us to expand our product range

Laser welding machine for precision stamping strips
Laser welding machine for precision stamping strips NC controlled : Almost all cutting profiles possible Parameter analysis by profilometer, before and after the welding process Test welds possible without mains connection (integrated battery) ‘Weld seam cleaning module : Transfer of ...more

Miniaturised Round-Contacts (Pin Contact Diameter 0.4mm)
● Pin contact diameter 0.4 mm ● Can be combined with various connections ● High-performance materials, CuNi2Si, CuSn6 ● RoHS-compliant (lead-free) ● Cost savings 80% thanks to selective surfaces Gold only in the contact area Tin in the crimp area ● Low relaxation ● ...more

B2B Mini Connector
- Reduction of components through the use of SKEDD technology (mating connector not required) - Simplified signal integrity by reducing signal reflections due to impedance deviations and undesirable resonances from contact element to contact element through greater spacing. - ...more

Process-adapted lubrication systems for defined belt oiling and strategic in-die lubrication
The Electronic Dosing Center is used for all lubricating applications and is specially designed for handling a wide range of viscosities. In addition to conventional lubricants, other liquid media can also be processed provided they can be used for the Electronic Dosing Center and have ...more

AUXXOS Laser Technology at Stanztec 2024: Conceptual Safety
AUXXOS stands for expertise in laser technology and provides solutions for specific requirements across various industries. At Stanztec 2024, AUXXOS will present groundbreaking solutions for the integration of laser sources and processing optics into industrial stamping systems. AUXXOS ...more

Indium plating technology for press fit applications. Gerweck
Indium plating technology for press fit applications. Gerweck‘s own developed indium plating system GOpressIN significantly reduces the tendency of whisker development and therefore it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of press fit contacts. The fine-grained indium layer is ...more

HIGH PRECISION PLATING developed by Gerweck GmbH Oberflächentechnik
Controlled Dip Technology Performance deficits of standard immersion dip cells get improved by our new developed OVER CROSS cell design. Due to the reduction of the electrolyte meniscus in the plating cell, a very low tolerance in plating length can get ensured, even at higher plating ...more

Lasered embossing dies with up to 10 times longer service life
Lasered embossing dies Manufacturing embossing dies with the ultrashort pulse laser instead of die-sinking EDM: High-precision 3D molds made of carbide and PM steels Cold material removal by ultrashort pulse Surface quality Ra 0.1 µm +/- 0.005 mm Tolerances Up ...more

8th Stanztec trade fair 16 to 18 June 2026

Visit the leading trade fair for stamping technology.

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