25. June 2024

Expert meeting at CCP Pforzheim: Huge joy of meeting each other at Stanztec 2024

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For the seventh time, the industry is addressing top topics relating to stamping and forming technology as part of the highly specialized Stanztec, a trade fair for stamping technology. This jewel among trade fairs is currently taking place with 138 exhibitors and international trade visitors from June 25th to 27th, 2024 in the Congress Center of the Goldstadt Pforzheim (CCP). “Brilliant stamping technologies” is the motto of the exclusive expert meeting, which sets off a firework about high-end- technologies in the field of stamping technology on the first day in traditionally beautiful weather.

„We are very pleased that we meet the well-known exhibitors here again today,” says Klaus Müller, spokesman for the Stanztec Exhibitor Advisory Board, with satisfaction. „Although the regular two-year cycle had to be interrupted twice, all exhibitors are now back. And we are happy to see you again here at our usual location in Pforzheim. After all, this is a home game for us,” emphasizes Müller. When organizing the trade fair, the trade fair advisory board pays at-tention to the basic values of „professional competence and regionality” in close coordination with the project management of the trade fair organizer P. E. Schall. Stanztec 2024 can now once again present the outstanding importance of Pforzheim and the surrounding regions for stamping and forming technology. “We are pleased about a lot of customer visits on the first day of the trade fair,” said Müller. „It is no less than in 2018. And even if we experience the current economic situation as tense, we are positive about the future because things will get better again,” states Müller optimistically.

„A trade fair for people”

Jürgen Leicht, Managing Director of Leicht Stamping Automation in Ölbronn-Dürrn and member of the exhibitor advisory board, is also in a good mood: „Welcome to Stanztec”! This specialist event is not a classic trade fair, says Jürgen Leicht, but a unique communication platform where the focus is not on the machines, but on the people. „This is a people’s fair with a special charm,” enthuses Jürgen Leicht. „A lot of things are different here than at a classic exhibition center, and people love it. Especially because we traditionally have nice weather here at Stanz-tec in Pforzheim.”

Very well attended, great atmosphere

In fact, on today’s first day of the trade fair there is a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the fully booked and very well attended CCP. The companies in „Stanzvalley” act here as an internatio-nally active interest group and regionally organized community. They appreciate the broad cli-entele of trade visitors from all sectors – from aerospace, medical technology, multi-layered consumer product manufacturing to classic mechanical engineering. The trade audience appre-ciates Stanztec’s focus on topics, the high-end-technologies presented and the targeted imple-mentation of new solutions. The focus is on resource efficiency and functional integration in the sustainable and economical production of stamped parts. The highly specialized precision pro-ducts of the stamping technicians are installed in countless areas in a wide variety of designs – they are indispensable components. The stamping technology industry must respond to increa-sing product individualization, to smaller batch sizes, to increasingly complex part geometries and at the same time to increasing demands on quality and precision. The machines must meet flexibility, multi-functionality and ease of use. Machine manufacturers also have to react to new requirements for the peripherals with regard to feeding and parts handling.

Personal exchange of outstanding importance

„Stanztec 2024 will be a three-day fireworks display of new technologies in terms of tool ma-king, stamping technology and peripherals,” emphasized Bettina Schall, managing director of the trade fair company P. E. Schall. „We can welcome all the well-known representatives of the in-dustry again this year, and we will experience once again how important the personal exchange of expertise is.” The focus on topics, the concentration on high-end-technology and the targeted implementation of new solutions make the Stanztec widely regarded as a particularly interesting trade fair. The seventh Stanztec will take place at the CCP from June 25th to 27th, 2024 and again in two years.

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