28. June 2024

A Brilliant Relaunch for Stanztec in 2024!

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138 exhibitors and 3750 expert visitors from 27 countries celebrated cutting-edge stamping technologies on 3500 square metres of exhibition floor space at the Congress Centrum in gold city Pforzheim from the 25th through the 27th of June 2024. Exhibitors at this year’s Stanztec trade fair for stamping technology presented their innovations and highly specialised state-of-the-art solutions in the field of stamping and forming technology. The three-day event was a celebration of “Brilliant Stamping Technologies” with an exceptionally positive atmosphere, great satisfaction in getting back together again and a 10% increase in visitor numbers.

The expert meet had been waiting six years for its reunion, and the time had finally arrived again. The Stanztec community met at its usual venue in order to discuss high-performance stamping tools and stamped parts of the highest complexity and precision in person from the 25th through the 27th of June 2024. “We’re delighted to see everyone again,” said Klaus Müller from Leicht + Müller Stanztechnik in Remchingen, Germany, and spokesman for the Stanztec exhibitor advisory board. “For us, Stanztec is the trade fair highlight of the year.” Müller expressly praised the cooperation demonstrated by the members of the exhibitor advisory board and event organisation provided by trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. Traditionally, the trade fair advisory board attaches great importance to expertise and a regional focus when staging the event in order to document the outstanding significance of Pforzheim and the surrounding regions for stamping and forming technology. “Stanztec is a clear commitment to Pforzheim as a traditional trade fair location. We value the intensive dialogues with customers and expert visitors from all over the world,” emphasised Müller, who also stressed the large numbers of visitors who attended the trade fair on its first day.

One of the Most Important Trade Fairs

A total of roughly 10% more visitors came to the CCP Pforzheim this year than in 2018, thus surpassing the 3407 expert visitors from 31 countries at that time. Stanztec provides expert visitors with an excellent opportunity of experiencing concentrated expertise and outstanding technology in a compact format, as Michael Stepper from Fritz Stepper GmbH & Co. KG summarised. “Stanztec is always a highlight, and Stepper is always there.” For Reto Bruderer, CEO of Bruderer AG in Switzerland, “Stanztec is one of the most important trade fairs for cultivating networks and presenting the latest innovations in the field of high-performance stamping technology to an expert audience.” The company director from Frasnacht emphasised the importance of experiencing products up close and discussing technical matters in person. Stanztec is a technical event with a special sort of appeal, said Jürgen Leicht, managing director of Leicht Stamping Automation in Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany, and member of the exhibitor advisory board. “This is not a typical trade fair, but a unique communication platform where the focus is on people rather than machines.”

Top-Quality Expert Visitors at “Stamping Mecca Pforzheim”

Patrik Rieder from Enayati Oberflächentechnik GmbH emphasised “Stanztec’s very knowledgeable audience”. Stanztec’s format offers “best possible opportunities” for an outstanding exchange of ideas, noted Rieder, because in addition to stamping, the topic of surface finishing is also treated with great interest and the compact format “offers excellent opportunities for discussion”. Christian Pape from Steinel Normalien AG described Stanztec as “a very important event at stamping Mecca Pforzheim”. The concentration of specialists in “Stamping Technology Valley” is unique throughout the world – the northern Black Forest, and in particular the region surrounding Pforzheim, has traditionally been a centre for stamping and forming technology, as well as an exclusive, regionally networked, yet internationally active community.

Economic and Ecological Challenges

The stamping technology industry is gearing up for increasing product customisation, smaller batch sizes, increasingly complex part geometries and, at the same time, ever stricter demands in terms of quality and precision. The ongoing shortage of qualified personnel must also be offset. The machines need to be flexible, multifunctional and easy to operate. Machine manufacturers must also respond to new requirements for peripheral equipment for feeding and parts handling. The topics of efficiency, reduced material consumption, waste minimisation and maximum productivity are also at the top of the list for stamping specialists. Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, for example, presented intelligent, modular automation solutions, as explained by Michael Staudenmaier from Bihler: “Users can produce high-quality stamped parts more ecologically and conserve valuable resources with these systems.”

Positive Summary from All Sides

Once again this year, the option of accepting invitations from exhibiting companies to visit their production facilities directly by means of a shuttle service was very well received. This made it possible for expert visitors to examine the machines directly in a production setting and judge their performance for themselves. “Once again this year, we’ve seen just how much the exhibitors and expert visitors appreciate Stanztec’s special format,” says Georg Knauer, Stanztec project manager, in summarising this year’s event. “New technologies with regard to toolmaking, the integration of machine functions and peripherals were discussed in detail, as were the challenges of economic efficiency and remaining competitive within the market. The regionally anchored community has an impressive impact around the globe and sets genuine technological milestones throughout the world,” says Knauer.
Satisfied exhibitors, a positive mood amongst exhibitors as well as expert visitors at the trade fair booths, successful event organisation – the overall assessment of Stanztec 2024 is very positive. “We’re very pleased to see that the prolonged pandemic-related delay is finally a thing of the past, and that the industry has been able to come together again,” summarises Bettina Schall, managing director of trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “All of the industry’s renowned representatives were on hand and the exchange of expert knowledge was very lively. The expert audience values Stanztec’s focus on specific topics and the personal dialogue. We would like to thank all of the exhibitors and expert visitors for their participation and for contributing to this special communication platform, and we look forward to seeing them again in two years.”

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