iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbHHall GS - Stand A14

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  • Data technology
    • Administration (including drawings and inventory management, integrated business solutions)
    • Machine and production data acquisition
    • Process control, measuring systems, control systems

Save valuable energy: Smart energy management on the shopfloor
All recorded energy values, directly from the machines or via special IIoT hardware, converge in EMC and can therefore be integrated and accessed in the system. Functions such as the display of energy key figures can be displayed and used at any time on the existing MES terminals on the ...more

Successful implementation of digital manufacturing in the stamping factory
Digitalization increases efficiency, productivity and sustainability: At our booth A14 in the large hall, we will show you how the smart networked information flow works in the digital stamping factory, how you can simplify and optimize your processes and thus significantly increase the ...more