Trade fair highlight 02. May 2024

Successful implementation of digital manufacturing in the stamping factory

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Automated acquisition: Consistent digitalization
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React immediately: Digital shopfloor management
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Simplify maintenance: Optimal maintenance strategies with digital maintenance
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Schedule machines with navigation: Precise machine allocation with navigational functions
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Work paperless: Information and documents digitally available everywhere
Digitalization increases efficiency, productivity and sustainability: At our booth A14 in the large hall, we will show you how the smart networked information flow works in the digital stamping factory, how you can simplify and optimize your processes and thus significantly increase the efficiency of your production. The MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH paves the way to your successful smart factory.

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, we know the market and the needs of the industry inside out. Based on this, we have been pursuing a consistent product strategy for decades, enabling us to adapt our MES Software EMC optimally to all challenges and individually to your production.

We enable smart manufacturing

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