Trade fair highlight 02. May 2024

Solutions for E-mobility

Unlock precision and power: Discover the latest innovations in stamping, lamination, and E-mobility
at CERATIZIT’s booth!

• Solutions for E-mobility
We provide a wide range of tungsten carbide solutions for E-mobility, including carbide blanks for progressive dies for rotor and stator production, nickel-bound grades for magnet production as well as wear parts for the mass production of lithium-ion batteries.

• Stamping
Our solutions fulfil all expectations relating to tools and active parts, in particular. They are sophisticated and powerful thanks to high-quality carbide grades specifically developed for tool and die construction.

• The 'PLUS' in terms of performance

The new CF+ grades now offer even better security and efficiency at the same price. Security through cutting edge stability while maintaining the same hardness; reliability through stable processes, increased transverse rupture strength and improved tensile strength; and long-lasting quality through reduced tendency and speed of corrosion.