Trade fair highlight 24. May 2024

Customized Strip Solutions - voestalpine Precision Strip from Austria

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Aluminum-Copper-Bimetal, edge-cladded & laser-welded, e.g. for battery technology
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Shunt Trimetal, laser-welded
The best solutions require innovative approaches to turn them into reality - making voestalpine an ideal partner in the development of customised metal strip solutions. A high level of vertical integration and a variety of applied technologies offer a very high degree of flexibility in meeting customer requirements. The spectrum ranges from set strength and defined surfaces to the joining of different materials in a bimetal or trimetal strip - whereby a change in strip thickness is also possible. The company is a world leader in the production of complex edge geometries in particular, with edge processing machines developed and built in-house. But it is the combination of technologies that makes the range unique - rolling, splitting, groove profiling, laser welding, grinding, heat treatment, etc. - all from a single source and made in Austria. This shortens distances, increases flexibility, enables samples to be produced quickly and guarantees reproducible quality.

The company's product highlight is a proven technical solution for connecting the aluminium and copper worlds. A new generation of bimetal with a new level of flexibility. Hardening, tolerances, strip thicknesses - independently definable for each component in the thickness range from 0.40 to 1.60 mm. This unique material is already being used in various OEM series. And we are constantly expanding the possibilities of this approach in order to have the perfect solution for each of our customers.