Product novelty 14. May 2024

Manufacturing stamped and formed parts more ecologically

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Bihler Linear Machine LM 2000 (KT version)
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Stamping and forming parts produced on LM 2000
Halblech, 13.05.2024 - At this year's Stanztec, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik will be presenting intelligent automation solutions that enable users to produce their stamped and formed parts more ecologically and save valuable resources.

The LM 2000 is the latest development in Bihler's machine portfolio. The modular linear machine impresses with its highly standardized tool technology and material-efficient production of stamped and formed parts from strip material. Its extremely low energy consumption and integrated recirculating oil lubrication also make it a particularly environmentally friendly production system. The LM 2000 is available in two versions: As the LM 2000-KT with cam-controlled units and production speeds of up to 500 parts per minute, it is perfectly designed for medium and large batch sizes. As the LM 2000-NC with servo-controlled units, it offers cycle rates of up to 250 1/min. for small and medium batch sizes with a high number of variants.

Up to 33% less material

In contrast to conventional mechanical stamping and forming machines and their special individual tools, the two LM machines are fully tool-compatible with standardized linear tools. These can be set up particularly quickly and 100% reproduced via standardized interfaces and quick tool clamping systems. The linear tools can be reused at any time. If the requirements change in terms of batch size or further processing steps, users can relocate, adapt or relocate the linear tools to a GRM-NC or a BIMERIC. This saves valuable time, costs and resources when designing and creating the tools. And the LM machines also save a lot of material in the production of stamped and formed parts. As one carrier strip is usually sufficient in the linear production process, the material savings are up to 33 percent.