Conditions of participation for Stanztec 2024

4. Trade fair dates

5. Longer construction and dismantling times

Are possible only with the permission of the exhibition management. Extra costs shall be borne by the exhibitor.

6. Registration deadline

7. Marketing Fee

7.1. A marketing fee is payable for participation in the trade fair.

7.2. This fee ia also due in any case if the exhibitor has not submitted the necessary data or has not submitted it in time.

7.3. Entries will be made in accordance with the exhibitor’s details on the exhibition and exhibitor directory from the online ordering system (OBS). The entries are made according to the information provided by the exhibitor in the trade fair and exhibitor directory from the online ordering system (OBS). The exhibitor is solely responsible for their correctness. The organizer assumes no liability for this.

8. Approved Exhibition Segments

Exhibited products must correspond to the nomenclature.

9. Stand design

9.1. Booths with a height of up to 3.50 metres are generally permissible where structural conditions allow

9.2 Walls adjacent to visitor aisles must be broken up by the installation of showcases, niches, displays or similar from a length of 6 m upwards.

9.3. No more than 30% of a stand side booked as open may be built up with closed walls. Exceptions are only permissible with prior approval in text format from the respective neighbouring and opposite stands. It must be ensured that the attractiveness of the opposite and neighbouring stands is not impaired.

9.4. Even in the case of approved exceeding of building heights, the design to the respective neighboring stand is to be neutral light or white. The attachment of advertising lettering or logos requires the express prior consent in text form of the respective neighboring stands and opposite stands.

9.5. Aisles are the property of the organizer and are to be considered as neighboring stands.